Welcome to Club Readapalooza!

September 3rd, 2010Posted by Ady Miller


The votes are tallied and "A Mercy" by Toni Morrison is the winner! The forum for " A Mercy" will be open by the end of the day.

September 3rd, 2010Posted by Ady Miller


The next voting period will run from October 15th thru the 31st. We will be starting a new discussion on November 7, 2010. Please vote for your next book choice by October 31st, 2010.

April 20, 2010Posted by Ady Miller


We are an online bookclub dedicated to forming community through reading. This all started back when I was studying for my Masters of Library and Information science. Many of my reading friends were looking for ways to connect with other readers. One young mom I know joined a local book club, disliked many of the book choices, but stuck with it for the connection, one or two of my friends would read a book and get together to talk about afterwards, many people were asking me for book recommendations and liked to talk about the books after they read it. So I thought it would be wonderful to have a place or event where all these individuals could connect. But we were spread out geographically and those of us near each other led busy lives. So I created Club Readapalooza to be that place where people can get and give book suggestions, talk about books with others and build community all from the comfort of home and at the leisure of their schedule.

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